Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What are the Benefits of Yoga?

Many of you have been to and have attended our power yoga class on Thursdays, and many of you have not.  Each week the number of attendees grows, however, I wondered if I should shed some light on the practice of yoga, and how the practice can benefit us all.  This is my attempt to do that.

My first experience with yoga was 11yrs ago while on a family vacation at Disney World in Orlando Florida.  At that time there was a Virgin Records on the strip in Downtown Disney, and on an afternoon shopping spree we all filed into the vast record store looking for goodies to add to our already weighed down shopping bags.  As I meandered through the store around the self improvement section ( my favorite area of any book/music store) I came across The Yoga Deck.  The yoga deck is a deck of cards with yoga postures on one side of a card, and the instruction and info for that posture on the other side.  Since I am all about improving myself and yoga was something that I was curious about, I bought the deck.  Weeks passed back at home before I even cracked the deck open, but when I did, I began a journey that I am still on til this day, and one that I am sure will be apart of my experiences until I no longer exist in this body.  Over the years my practice has developed and the actual tenants of yoga is a philosophy that I carry with me well beyond the mat and postures.  I have been consistent with practicing yoga, and I have been inconsistent, but the practice continues. I practice yoga for the physical as well as the mental positives that it can bring.

Practicing yoga for you could be more about the physical benefits, of which there are many, it could be for you a great stress reliever, or a supplement to your regular cardio routine.  Whatever the reason you begin to practice yoga regularly, doing so WILL have a positive impact on your life.

 Here, is a link to the american yoga association.  We do not endorse any particular belief system here at 720.  Our goal is to provide for those that desire a place to tone, and perhaps heal your mind, body, and soul.  Click the link to learn more.  I encourage you to educate yourself, then bring a friend to our power yoga class that happens every Thursday morning at 720.  If you are a beginner, its a great non threatening environment to learn in.  If you are experienced, you will appreciate the tranquil vibe that we cultivate during our session.

I hope that I have clearly provided  information to help you consider taking care of yourself in a new way that if done properly can bring massive benefit.

Power Yoga at 720 Music Clothing Cafe
Every Thursday 945am until 1045am
4405 Butler Street, Lawrenceville
Lead by Leigh Garbo
$5 pr class
Bring a mat and a Towel

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