Monday, June 4, 2012

Record Store Day April 2012

We just wanted to share some of the captured moments during National Record Store Day April 21, 2012.  A major thank you to everyone who came out to support us on this special day!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Poetry ((PRO)) ((FANA)) Presents: EcoPoetics and The Ecology of Everyday Life!

Sunday February 12, 2012
5pm to 7pm
Free and Open to the Public

If the topsy turvy winter weather has you wondering about the environment and our place in it, by all means come out for this event!
It perhaps needn’t be said, but human activity has had an intensely powerful effect on the environment — from transforming entire landscapes, to creating the largest dump heap in the history of man, to modifying the genetic code of the life forms around us. This event reconsiders what “nature” might be in today’s world and how that impacts our relationship to the spaces we inhabit and the lifeforms we encounter. Come explore how poetry can help us think through these processes and lead us to a space of potential regeneration.
Join us for POETRY ((PRO) (FANA))’s debut as we hear author/editor Brenda Iijima and scholar Josua “Sha” LaBare each share from their work.

Brenda Iijima grew up in North Adams, Massachusetts, and studied visual arts at Skidmore College. Based in Brooklyn, New York, she teaches and edits for Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs, a publisher of poetry. Iijima’s poetry collections include Around Sea (2004), Animate, Inanimate Aims (2007), Subsistence Equipment (2008), Revv. You’ll—ution (2009), and If Not Metamorphic (2010). In her work, Iijima addresses the subjects of science, gender, ecology, and history. She is also the editor of eco language reader (2010), a collection of essays by poets on matters of ecological concern.

Sha LaBare is a widgeteer, nexistentialist, and straight up univore who works on science fiction as a way of thinking about and being in the world. He is particularly interested in radical ecological ethics and making first contact with the aliens all around us right here on earth. Sha recently completed his PhD – Farfetchings: on and in the sf mode – in the History of Consciousness program at UC-Santa Cruz, where he worked under the direction of Donna Haraway. As a postdoctoral fellow at Carnegie Mellon’s Humanities Center, his current project is called “The Ecology of Everyday Life”. This project focuses on creating and expanding sense of wonder in our encounters with the memes, critters, and widgets that make up the texture and tenor of our everyday lives.
POETRY ((PRO) (FANA)) is curated by Sueyeun Juliette Lee and Dawn Lundy Martin. Check the website

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Saturday Yoga @ 720

Power Yoga at 720 just got a little easier to attend. The response has been so great that we decided to add another day, and make an adjustment to the time.  You can join us for power yoga every Thursday AND Saturday.  10-11am $7  As always, be sure to bring your mat and a towel.  Spread the word, and see you soon!

Exposed: Sexy Loft Party!

Classic 1824 and Socialite Presents a Sexy Loft Party at 4405 Butler Street in Lawrenceville!  Special Performances by Gene Stovall, Artwork by D.S. Kinsel, Music by Madd Buddha and 720 Music, Clothing and Cafe will be open as well.  Come and hang out and enjoy yourself this Friday August, 26th, 2011 from 7pm to Midnight!  For More info check out...facebook.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

An evening at 720 and the Soul Cafe

On this Friday August 19th 720 Music Clothing Café will be hosting the PBMF Soul Café.  We kick off at 6:30pmCost is only $10. For the past few years, Pittsburgh Black Media Federation has brought a good feeling to Pittsburgh audiences across the city, with the Soul Cafe. The Soul Cafe's lineup of some of the region's most talented singers, musicians and spoken word artists continues to make everyone feel good.  More importantly, the fact that the proceeds from the Soul Cafe benefit the PBMF Scholarship Fund makes everyone feel very good. PBMF presents scholarships annually to college journalism students, who've participated in the organization's summer urban journalism workshop while in high school.   Be sure to join us and get your own good feeling Friday evening at 6pm.  Grab a snack from our cafe, relax and enjoy the show.  Don’t forget to check in once you’re here!