Friday, May 6, 2011

We Have got you Covered

I could say that here at 720 we have EVERYTHING that you need to live your life.  That would be a slight overstatement.  However, if I say that we have everything for anyone who likes music, and for anyone who likes unique tees and clothing created by indie designers, or for anyone that enjoys a good book - or anyone who reads rare and sometimes unusual magazines - then...I’d be right on the money.  At 720 we have and continue to cultivate a rich diverse cultural mix of products.  From our vinyl, to our Cd's, from our tee shirts to our dresses.  We understand that you, our customer, are tired of the same old same as it pertains to retail options.  At 720 we strive to cure the insanity with regard to this issue.  
Currently in the store we have an array of newly printed tees that are EXCLUSIVE to 720 Music Clothing Cafe thanks to our own Paul Dang. Please enjoy the pics, and we know we will be seeing you soon because you love being fresh just as much as we do!  

Be sure to tell friends about us and our selection.  Btw, we are into social media heavily, so don't forget when you arrive to “check in” at 720 via your favorite geo-location social media site i.e. FOURSQUARE, LOOPT, FACEBOOK, etc.
See you soon! Peace


  1. Please tell me you have these in XXXL . . . .

  2. Hey! Yes we do! That is if someone has not purchased them already. You gotta come down to see. Thanks