Monday, March 28, 2011

A Tribe Called Quest Documentary...Can I Kick It...Yes You Can!

Well I must say that I was overly excited to hear that one of my favorite hip hop groups story was going to be documented and showcased in a way to inform and entertain other ATCQ enthusiasts.  So, contuing with my excitment I began to dig deeper and discovered that there is slight controversy surrounding this film. Apparently, there is a small debate on who was the first person to initiate the idea of the ATCQ documentary.  Based on an interview on, Jarobi from ATCQ stated that Nas was the first person to initiate the idea and Micahel Rapaport expressed interest as well and seemingly took the lead in creating the film.  Jarobi also stated that he had reservations about Rapaport because he does not represent the rap community and he was hoping to have some one direct the movie that was part of the rap culture.  Nonetheless,  I just hope that some one from either camp can reach common ground and make the movie happen!  For more info regarding this matter check out MTV.  Also check out atribecalledquestmovie.

Source:  MTV

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